Fleboxar® Cream-gel with Diosmin and Menthol

Fleboxar zalais

Fleboxar with Diosmin and Menthol is recommended for:

  • Heavy foot syndrome (swelling, leg muscle cramps at night, leg tiredness (weakness),
  • tingling sensation);
  • Vascular penetration (spider angioma);
  • Sensitive and dilated blood vessels;
  • Cosmetic skin defects (microhematomas, traces of injuries);
  • Acute symptoms associated with haemorrhoids.


Delicately massage into the skin of the leg two times a day.

Fleboxar® contains micronized bioflavonoids – diosmin and its precursor hespiridin.

Diosmin is the strongest phlebotropic bioflavonoid ever known and used in medicine or pharmacy. It is described in the European Pharmacopoeia.

Diosmin strengthens the walls of blood vessels and prevents the tissue from swelling. If diosmin is
delivered in the veins/major blood vessels, it increases the contraction of the walls, thus improving
the so-called basal tone. This greatly increases the blood return to the heart.
Hesperidin is the precursor of diosmin from its acquisition (conditioning) from natural sources
(citrus, lemon, orange peel).

Each tube of Fleboxar® contains 50 grams of cream-gel containing 2% diosmin, hespiridin and
other ingredients that smoothen the skin, improve diosmin absorption in skin microcirculation and
subcutaneous tissue, and moisturize skin.


Target audience of Fleboxar®:

Mostly women with:

  • Heavy leg symptoms
  • Resulting from a long-term standing position at work, or long-term sitting position with knees bent or curved other lower limb joints
  • A tendency towards obesity
  • During pregnancy
  • Exposure to heat and/or sun


Fleboxar® can also be used by men, if they have heavy leg syndrome.